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Back in the saddle again…. Why Hermes is bringing their game – to you

Hermes is taking their handi-craftsmen on the road to show you why their products are worth so much - it's all done by amazing experts and professionals - by hand.
Hot off their showing in China, then the US (Washington DC and New York City) and now Brussels last weekend, the show is about to hit three Paris shops and the factory/work area Hermes has in Dourdogne, France to showcase their craft and their craftsmen, all together Hermes employs 2300 highly skilled and crafty professionals who make retail art all of us would love to have.
They were all set to hit Japan after France but this will have to be postponed following the tragedy there.

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Making silk ties in Dourdogne by hand is the work of approximately 20 women in the Hermes atelier who hand make the silk ties. The only way to clean them according to one of them is 'at the dry cleaners' .Northern Exposure referenceA screen designer at Hermes shows us the art of covering each plate with it's own color - describes how each screen will be responsible for its own particular imprint of the ink they make in their in house atelier and counts out the 33 colors used on this particular design - maximum colors that can be used on the scarves are 44. It can take up to three months to produce just one.Devaux - has wanted to be an "horologien" - a watchmaker - since he was 13 years old growing up in Switzerland. He went to University for four years to achieve this title and is now one of the four head Horologists in the Hermes watchmaking studio in Paris, the actual watchmakers being a team of 10 then expanded to 100 people including the design and communications colleagues of his that help make it a 360 success story. He calls it "the best job in the world", has designed one of the faces and is besotted with minuscule blue colored nails and decorative - Hermes engraved metallic plates, as you would be in his place. Hermes has been making watches for the last 50 years, beginning with a Swiss independent manufacturer and then reining it in house for the last 35 years.The handbag maker says it takes him 18 hours to complete a bag - from start to finish 18 hours. The Marroquinerie in Paris is staffed with some passionate needle whisperers.[polldaddy poll=5113934

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