A rainy morning in Athens, Greece on November 24. These are some of the men that are homeless and live in the park Zappeio. Despite the rain and the cold their game of chess has been going on for years! I walked up to them and just said i have to take a photo of this moment! They laughed and said “ah, you must be journalist, go ahead take a photo.” The man on the right with the crossed over legs said “a lot of people take our photo, they don’t realise we live here, that this is a way for us to pass the time. The park is beautiful, but we’re not just some ‘interesting characters’ in a story this is our life.” The man with the grey umbrella pulled it down when I said I was a journalist. And the man next to me explained “who wouldn’t want to be in the park playing chess today?” with a smile.chess3.jpg

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  1. This is a chunk of reality, and to see men at this stage of their life enjoying each moment of their day is sobering, and inspiring.

  2. Why are they homeless? Is it like in Australia and US, – i.e. have they been part of a cycle of alcohol, or substance abuse, loss of job etc?

    • I never got that far Foti – but at the time I took this I would be going around Zappeio at least once a week feeding stray cats with this group called Nine Lives and there are at least 3-5 people that camp out in Zappeio (if not more). I’m sure it probably is the same, the whole world is the same. You wouldn’t think so but I see more homeless people in the centre of Brussels than I did in Athens or Melbourne. (One example).

  3. Tom Rochts on said:

    I took a workbreak to read some of your posts. I particularly liked this one!

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